Monday, April 12, 2010


napowrimo#12...secret partner had this list this morning A secret code???...well it turns out it was a list of things for her to do today (Fairley is name of a local lawyer)......using her list of words (in red) I came up with following poem


leaving Black Mountain College
blinded by the longitudes of the world
looking for abstract expressions
of Pollock and Clarke Coolridge
the meshing of art poetry and jazz
unable to believe Doctor Fairley
and his theory that X is true
because this list reveals nothing
a secret code for screaming souls
anguish to punish the pied piper
that flirts with the willow tree
believing all is written in Kerouac's
Tears In The Fence
revealing nothing


flaubert said...

Nice list and so well put together!

Francis Scudellari said...

I think it's quintessentially human to create connections between random words/events ... "secret code for screaming souls". Nicely done.

Terri Light said...

I hear a little Tom Waits in there and I like it!!

Andy Sewina said...

Hi Wayne, I like your secret code, it does reveal one thing, that you write cool stuff!

Wanda McCollar said...

Clever idea begets interesting poem. I like your turns of phrase and the pace - kept looking for LSD in it. Maybe if I read it backwards! Nice one, Wayne - and you included my guy Kerouac.

Irene said...

Hi Wayne, nice meshing of list words..