Sunday, April 18, 2010


naoiwruno#18..prompt tiger...or cat....sooo here it is
italicized words are titles of John Coltrane tunes


watching the smoke rise
from the hard stiff chair
behind a closed window
backed by an imagination of junk
cool cats around us
the moaning of the saxaphone
wheelin and deelin
setting the pace
giant steps
both slow and fast
wailing away giving symphony
without sympathy
cutting through the bones
giving poetry a chance
to slice through the tracks
a soul trane a blue trane
travelling to the stardust sessions
beyond the dark desert of Dakar
strung out on junk
he sat down at our table
I'm the Trane he moans
I love to boogie
Village Vanguard 1959
Carnegie Hall of jazz
coolest cat I ever met

...............................NOTE...we wandered into the Vanguard March 1959...not knowing more than it was a jazz club....not knowing that Coltrane was playing.....well a fond memory of a cool cat amongst many cool cats there...


rallentanda said...

Seen Coltrane live...fabulous fabulous poem..
Kerouac is still alive and well!

flaubert said...

Lucky man having seen him live! Great poem for this prompt.

Erin Davis said...

The coolness of this cat slinks right off my screen. Nice job, Wayne!

Wayne Pitchko said...

it was a tossup with Oscar P. the other cool cat..maybe Cooler.....who I saw at the Alberta Loungs in Montreal in the time I dint know who he was..but he was GOOD..

Francis Scudellari said...

I'm definitely envious, and I love the sounds in this ("symphony without sympathy," as one example). It has a real bebop feel.

rallentanda said...

Forgot to tell you my wv for this post was

Dan Rako said...

Excellent mash-up!

Irene said...

Cool cat, such a great take on the prompt.

Anonymous said...

Cool cat indeed, cool-ly captured here. Bravo.

Marinela Reka said...

Great poem, I enjoyed it :)
Short Poems

Anonymous said...

I agree with Irene -- unique take on this prompt. I'd love to hear the poem sung aloud, or performed with music. Crooned, or meowed!