Friday, April 23, 2010


napowrimo#23.....prompt is speaker/event that normally do not get together


somewhere on the outskirts of Bohemia
right corner of Washington Square
a tea party rally
a GRASS roots movement
with no leader no face
just a Temple called William
with Joe the plumber and Sarah beside
preaching to the conspiracist kooks
who still want to fight the British
over the three per cent tea tax
convinced that Obama and his gangster government
are a bunch of Socialists
conspiring to control everything in their lives
with their tea cups upside down
unable to read ther tea leaves of vision
getting ready to reenact the Civil War
ignoring the left corner of the Square
where Pete Seeger is harmonizing
with the Grateful Dead
having a birds eye view through the haze
a real GRASS roots movement
led by Jerry and Janis
Woodie Guthrie , Joan Baez and Cat Stevens
Billie Holiday and Belafonte
a carnival ride for the Deadheads
where have all the flowers gone
we shall overcome
we get along without you very well
inviting them to a real tea party
a real GRASS roots movement
and join the peace train
ignored by the right corner of the square


Robin said...

I'll definitely take the left side, please! Clever and interesting take on the prompt.

flaubert said...

I too am a lefty!! You bring back images of NY. I can see Washington Square, ooh how I love that part of the city. Excellent work on the prompt.

Dan Rako said...

We are billion-year-old carbon.

Anonymous said...

Good one! Your passion shows. I especially like the phrase "with their tea cups upside down" for some reason, it's a terse succinct image. (btw, the president's name is misspelled, but perhaps intentionally?)

Anonymous said...

Interesting word: conspiracist. Did you invent it? I wonder whether the Left will ever go with the Right?