Monday, April 5, 2010


last nite I was lost in a film
a documentary
Nelson Small Legs Jr.
a martyr for his cause
residential schools
Mackenzie pipeline
native friends
dead drunk on cheap wine
shooting junk
staring at prison walls
searching for sunlight
new horizons

it is better to be sweating
in some sweat lodge
sauna near the creek
in the green forest
listening to the ravens
pow wow singing
chicken dancing
smoking peace pipes
with elders
carving better pictures
staring at cedar walls
beside the bouquet of love
with their horizons


flaubert said...

You are too funny! I enjoyed this a lot!

Francis Scudellari said...

I don't know much about Nelson Small Legs Jr., so I'll have to look him up. I like the contrast between the first and second stanzas.

Wayne Pitchko said...

Francis....Nelson was a young native friend of ours in Southern Alberta...great guy...involved in Indian movement...mid 70s...shot himself through the heart...very sad...very tragic

Anonymous said...

it's like the dark side and then the light... a wonderful comparison... yes, better to be outside among the living... file and forget

Anonymous said...

this is just about my favorite poem so far -- never mind it's only day 5.

love how you grab things and twist, pulling us down to earth in the end.


rallentanda said...

You betcha!I love your place Wayne.

lucychili said...

Love the landscape
and matter of fact people

Derrick said...

Hi Wayne,

Sad when someone gets swallowed up by life. But there are always those flashes of brightness.

Anonymous said...

i like "staring at cedar walls", but then, I like staring at plaster ones

Anonymous said...

Excellent write, Wayne. I'm in complete agreement. I must add that I'd rather be sweating in a sweat lodge than in the heat wave sweeping Montana. LoL

Thanks for the intro to Small Legs.

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