Tuesday, November 29, 2011


towards the end of the trail
sat a small gathering of old poets
a gypsy photo gallery with color
whispering out of tune hymns
with golden thoughts without voice

gazing at the open oak coffin
no doubt a drunken dead poet lies
covered with his plastic membrane
celebrating his awkward funeral feast
with voiceless words with thoughts

looking towards emptiness without distress
and the hidden grace that lies ahead
the dead poet mourns his unwritten poems
conjuring his magical disappearing act
with one limb in the grave

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


moving from one DESIGNATED point to another
forming free EXPRESSIVE brushstrokes with abstract shapes

using a poets words as a path to TRAVEL
leaving an UNCOMPLETED poem for the critics to read

defining half-conditioned problems of the GHETTO
with inflammatory hooligans SEEKING refuge

referring to art galleries as morgues for DEAD paintings
displayed in harsh UNCHANGING light

looking at something beyond SYMBOLIC stop signs
TOWARDS Jesus in a wheel less carriage

SITTING with percolating words with crumbs
and ANOTHER Kerouac metaphor

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


having survived more
treatments in riverview
head rotting
mind a bust

head wired
connected and psychotic
computerized with broken
words on the floor

unsigned with blank
cheque and no cents
loyal but late
without money

lost on the street
years of youth
drowning on grey wards
crying in the corners

lying psyche doctors
secretly hiding
shiny instruments
behind pharmaceuticals

two hours forgetting it all
without memory
no cents left in bank
they have it all

part of the evil system
electrically inducing seizures
another vegetable