Tuesday, November 8, 2011


having survived more
treatments in riverview
head rotting
mind a bust

head wired
connected and psychotic
computerized with broken
words on the floor

unsigned with blank
cheque and no cents
loyal but late
without money

lost on the street
years of youth
drowning on grey wards
crying in the corners

lying psyche doctors
secretly hiding
shiny instruments
behind pharmaceuticals

two hours forgetting it all
without memory
no cents left in bank
they have it all

part of the evil system
electrically inducing seizures
another vegetable


Anonymous said...

wow. that's terrifying.

Jenn Jilks said...

I hae so avoided poetry lately. You are an inspiration. Cheers from Cottage Country!

Anonymous said...

so many bad things in the psych system of today. There has been improvement since the 19th Century -- one day this will all be viewed as barbarism. Well done poem!

nan said...

Truly a system that has gone bust. Ouch. Headache.

Anonymous said...

Well now Wayne, shock therapy is a distasteful treatment designed in a medieval dungeon by gnomes. How well you have accomplished the cost in dollars but also "lying psyche doctors
secretly hiding shiny instruments behind pharmaceuticals". Good stuff my friend. P.S.-I like your paintings. Have a look at http://www.bowzywowzy.com