Thursday, July 30, 2009

Where The Dead Whisper

ReadWritePoem prompt #85 from Doug Shaver's photo

Where The Dead Whisper

Spooky night on the horizon

here we are again

do you hear him?

do you feel him?

do you see him?

it's been exactly 34 years

since we buried him

here in Northern Michigan

they thought it was Tony Pro

who killed him

and burried him in darkness

beneath Giant Stadium

but, he shot himself

and we burried him here

at his request

in the cemetery of broken promises

where the dead whisper

Jimmy Hoffa's not coming back.

...........................................................NOTE : I wrote this poem today July 30,2009...not knowing that Jimmy Hoffa disappeared on this same day in 1975, exactly 34 years ago....YIKES!!!! this is really SPOOKY

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Drag Queens .....( Read Write Poem 84)

prompt was to choose 2 words from dictionary then use words between them. My words drag...queen


Dana danced in her lovely dress
Elton explored the johns
Franco flunked modelling schoool
Gerald gave herself to a gangster
Hogan hung out with bikers
Ivan illustrated for a fashion magazine
Jamie joined junkies getting fixxed
Kass killed her first lover
Landis landed in jail for hitting a nun
Marcos modelled in Miami
Nels never left his house during lent
Orton orchestrated a holdup in Denver
Paxton performed porno for dollars
Quincy quit her day job
Drag Queens in a Limousine
looking for Norma Jean

Friday, July 17, 2009

SANGUINE SUN.........painting by Wayne

Read Write Poem #83....prompt words used in red


Sacred arches
etched in the sky
revival of promises
lost under stillness
cries of gallows that hang
that slump
concealed inside the vault
communion softly spoken
compassion has no fault
as the flaming fur
burning hair
lost hearts
will loiter beneath the graves
speaking in tongues
attending the seances
where the corrupt shall lie
akin an echo of a forgotten plan
and calmness departs into reflection
with an acuity of touch
holding the righteous chalice
hampered inside invocations
of bloodstained knowledge
where honor flows
taking the stolen stillness
of death
as only in living will sacred arches know
were selfish faith
below sanguine suns are saved.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Little Man in The Blue Shirt (Read Write Poem 82)

What are you doing up on the stage?
in your peyote trance
faking the god of rock
dreaming of Paris France

what are you doing up there?
screaming those obscenities
a fake rock hero
carving up your destiny

what are doing up there?
no longer the PEACE FROG
a GHOST SONG falling on your feet

I'm the little man in the blue suit
watching you close the back door
opening the doors of perception
more and more a bore

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Read Write Poem #81...prompt by flikr oncle jim


Some called me autistic some retarded

always feeling discarded

empty and void

treated like a schizoid

always hoping you would be seeing

me as a human being

and not something wild

always treating me as a child

knowing I would never be mainstream

but always having a dream

I just kept hopping mile after mile

always with my smile

wanting to be free

and keeping my dignity

never caring to win or lose

just wanting to be able to choose

tired or being brutalized

and institutionalized

I might be different

even brilliant

sitting under my tattered umbrella

only me and my mantra