Sunday, July 26, 2009

Drag Queens .....( Read Write Poem 84)

prompt was to choose 2 words from dictionary then use words between them. My words drag...queen


Dana danced in her lovely dress
Elton explored the johns
Franco flunked modelling schoool
Gerald gave herself to a gangster
Hogan hung out with bikers
Ivan illustrated for a fashion magazine
Jamie joined junkies getting fixxed
Kass killed her first lover
Landis landed in jail for hitting a nun
Marcos modelled in Miami
Nels never left his house during lent
Orton orchestrated a holdup in Denver
Paxton performed porno for dollars
Quincy quit her day job
Drag Queens in a Limousine
looking for Norma Jean


Radio Nowhere said...

Sort of like a 'whatever happened to...' instead of an instructional poem.

Nice write.

Nathan said...

I love all the creative verbs here. Great work!

Jenn Jilks said...

Nice job! A newspaper article (I use the term loosely) inspired a poem for me today.
Check the sidebar in My Muskoka, a sort of a dance. said...

Wayne - not only did you write a poem here, but you set yourself up with a dozen or so great starts to some character creation. Love it when piece A folds into future work. Nicely done.


Jeeves said...

Nice one

Derrick said...

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for visiting. These seem to be a nice bunch of girls!

Lawrence Gladeview said...

wayne i had no clue you were at my high school reunion last month. great poem here, the gritty cast of characters open themselves up to interpretations of humans we know or once new. for me, it still remains know. enjoyed -lawrence

Irene Toh said...

Wayne, I dig what you did

Erin Davis said...

Great fun, Wayne!