Thursday, July 2, 2009

Read Write Poem #81...prompt by flikr oncle jim


Some called me autistic some retarded

always feeling discarded

empty and void

treated like a schizoid

always hoping you would be seeing

me as a human being

and not something wild

always treating me as a child

knowing I would never be mainstream

but always having a dream

I just kept hopping mile after mile

always with my smile

wanting to be free

and keeping my dignity

never caring to win or lose

just wanting to be able to choose

tired or being brutalized

and institutionalized

I might be different

even brilliant

sitting under my tattered umbrella

only me and my mantra


Lluvia said...

Love it, Wayne. =)

chaka said...

I just happened to find your blog. It gives me lovely and peaceful feelings. Thank you. Can I link you to my list?

Irene Toh said...

Wayne, nice sentiments expressed.

Jeeves said...

Nice one

Anonymous said...

nice one.. :)

Anonymous said...

I love this one. We all are different yet we all are connected too. I believe we need to learn to embrace our differences. I also believe we might just find peace if we practice this embracement Thanks for creating and sharing. PLL, C.

jill said...

So poignantly touching and heartfelt. Love reading your poems- but this one really resonated with me. Your words throughout your poems seem to just flow like a country stream. Thanks so much for visiting my disco post and leaving your comment. That's how I was able to find your blog!

Anonymous said...

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