Thursday, June 25, 2009


You are sweet
you are caring
your hands are soft
when you bathe me
dad loves you very much
you are my mother

I love sports
I broke my ankle
I want you to read to me
I do not like
when you argue with dad
you are my mother

I have two daughters
I have four grandaughters
I am happy
I miss you
I have always missed you
you are my mother

I did not want you to die
so young
I was only seven
I needed you
to see me grow
you are my mother


...deb said...

As wrenching a poem as could match a young boy's broken heart. "I have always missed you" that broken heart.

sarah haliwell said...

this is so poignant, I hope you don't me saying it sounds like the voice of that little boy, simple and sad.

Jeeves said...


Paul Oakley said...

Beautifully rendered. I love the repetition of "You are my mother" and the progression
from early memory of her presence
to what she missed
to what she continues to miss
to a final reflection

Phil Thrift said...

very sad
what you both missed

Irene Toh said...

Simple and true, Wayne.

gautami tripathy said...

Heartfelt poem..

stuff I never told you

Anonymous said...

lovely, Wayne.

the repetition of "you are my mother" is very powerful.