Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My problem is
everyone mistakes me
for an onion
not a sapient
old dead poet

Why can't I be mistaken
for for a trumpet swan
dancing in the mist
or a bellydancer
having the best hand
at the poker table?

I know I barked
like a dog
devoured bones
played tether ball
and drapeed my leg
around fire hydrants

But if you check
my bibliography
you will find
I once hit
like Joltin Joe
played the horn
like Loui
like Astaire
like Hank
like Pollock
wrote like

A human being
growing in the garden
as an onion


Lluvia said...

Wayne, How you see yourself... that is how I've seen you. Your life and your passions come out in your writing, in your art. You're a cool guy. Are you still taking care of your partner (with the knee replacement)? Take care. =)

James said...

I love the 1st stanza. It really drew me in and led nicely to the ending.

Tamra said...

What a great job using the words. Loved the last stanza.

Lawrence Gladeview said...

wayne a fantastic take and utilization of the prompt words. stanzas 1-3 set up stanza 4 perfectly, really stoking the effect. that final stanza brings the piece full circle. enjoyed this morning.

Erin Davis said...

Ah-ha! Great use of the words. I love the way the self is described.

Anonymous said...

i love the first stanza..really...

i liked this wayne...