Saturday, June 13, 2009

Historical Figure

A revolutionary poet

to free Cuba from the Spanish

cultivating a white rose

symbolizing innocence and vulnerability

offering love

to both friend and foe

everyone being equal.

Should not this be normal?

the way it should always be




a basic foundation for life.

It seems strange

this desire to escape

from oppression and


is called revolutionary.

Jose Marti


in the war

for Cuban independence

a revolutionary

a great poet.


anthonynorth said...

There's always been some great revolutionary poets. Sadly, though revolution also means constantly going back to the beginning.

Lluvia said...

Julia de Burgos, a Puerto Rican poet (and one of my faves), was a contemporary of Marti's. I enjoy their work AND yours. Very good post.

Lawrence Gladeview said...

"it seems strange...called revolutionary" a fantastic, cutting stanza. Jose Marti is an unknown to me, your poem has enriched my education and for that i thank you. much enjoyed.