Saturday, April 24, 2010


napowrim0#24..prompt was Find a Phrase...I used the Phrase " GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN" ....from the Bible


exhausted from a sick week in the Bronx
after listning to Grace Slick at some biker bar
heading up the Deegan Expressway covered in fog
riding Harley Low Riders
loud and pround with straight pipes
knowing heavin is just one more gear up the highway
looking to turn on
tune in
drop out at Millbrook House
to pass the acid test
with Ram Dass and the high priest Leary
Chopper Kate riding in her leather
Mother Road spinning her wheels
Ardu wearing his colors
Kesey and the Merry Pranksters behind
Jesus in his tophat leading the way
thanking God for bikers
passing through the burning ravines
and six police cars
we roar through the gate of Millbrook
passing the test
with loudspeakers blaring Jefferson Airplane
Grateful Dead
Velvet Underground and Ray Charles
having flashbacks
on politics
Huxley and religion
we party with profound pranksters
and Satan's Angels dressed in black leather
over the cuckoo's nest
blaring music and police sirens
Jesus removes his top hat and speaks
"get thee behind me Satan"


Anonymous said...

Seems like a good party, but that bit at the end would probably signal the ending.

flaubert said...

Timothy Leary's dead! No,no,no,no he's outside looking in. Excellent imagery Wayne.

Stan Ski said...

Some story in itself, but would make a great opening to a bigger one.

Anonymous said...

Wayne, an epic tale in only a few lines, like this a lot. Could be interpreted as the great captions on a worn, but loved scrapbook of the times.

Anonymous said...

Like your previous poem this paints a mural of a time. The image of Jesus leading a crazy parade in a top hat is pretty wild!

Dan Rako said...

Now that's a tour de force of poetry! Excellent!

Erin Davis said...

Dan took the words right out of my mouth: tour de force!

Francis Scudellari said...

This brims with the energy of those times... I felt like I was being dragged along behind the motorcycles.

Derrick said...

A heady mix of speed, sounds and satan!

Anonymous said...

I've driven on the Deegan Expressway! But I've never ridden on a motorcycle. Thanks for this trip.