Tuesday, April 27, 2010


napowrimo#27..prompt today is write an acrostic poem....put word or words vertical...then use first letter to make word and start sentence...I used my full name JOHNWAYNEPITCHKO...


Junkie angel waiting to score
On a sidewalk outside the Plaza cafe
Hasting Street Sunday night
Never wanting to come down
Waiting for her next fix
Always playing games with the narcs
Young hooker hooked on junk
Never conserving always wasted
Eating her body with a twisted black spoon
Punctured with another dirty needle
In her broken down vein
Telling everyone to fuck off
Calling for help from everyone who doesn't care
Hugging the dark reflecions from the bloody sidewalk
Killing herself slowly with all the other hypes
Only caring for her next fix


Erin Davis said...

What a vivid, gritty portrait you've painted with your name here, Wayne! Well done.

Francis Scudellari said...

Wow, that's a pretty searing portrait. Thanks for sharing Wayne.

flaubert said...

What a sad story you have woven here. Great stuff.

SweetTalkingGuy said...

You recorded your thoughts well and managed to get your famous name in seamlessly, while painting a sad but true picture of this young girl and those like her.

rallentanda said...

The spectrum of life is so varied from afternoon tea with lamingtons to shooting up in the gutter.A grim reality.

Robin said...

Wow--intense and sad! Great post, Wayne.

My word verification: wetchout!

Anonymous said...

You embrace and ennoble her humanity by giving your name over to her story. Very intense, how specific you start. Thank you

(my verification word: penth)

Anonymous said...

sometimes one cannot help onself from the desire of death and life and all those things inbetween... ouch my heart cries out... and so subtle the acrostic blends yr name... release engage

Irene said...

Junkie angel is such a sweet way to look at the wasted. Good one Wayne.

Anonymous said...

A powerful and vivid portrait. The fact that you took time to write about her shows that you care about people on the margin. With a little less luck in life, I could be her...

Derrick said...

A very powerful poem your name has spawned, Wayne.

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