Saturday, April 10, 2010


napowrimo#10..celebrating..friends....napowrimo April 2010


celebrating triumph of human imaginations
amidst pitfalls and calamities
writing every day with linguistic excitement
mystery and emotion
thirty day marathon of the creative mind
sometimes evily subversive
a slow process of subtraction one cell at a time
Howling Wolf blues with Ginsberg
like wounded animals fading into a cloak of gentleness
eating lemon chiffon cake
dancing to a gypsy guitarist under a sky of tangarine dreams
and whiskey in heaven
family of poets feeling good feeling bad
writing poetry


flaubert said...

Wayne Wayne! Totally awesome and moving!

Anonymous said...

good morning wayne... thank you for writing so perfectly your thoughts abt the 30-day adventure we're on... i feel some of this same joy n pain.... backward bliss

Francis Scudellari said...

NaPoWriMo is quite the celebration, and Howlin' Wolf would make a great soundtrack. This was a nice pick-me-up as we head into the second lap.

Systematic Weasel said...

Nicely done! Howlin' Wolf is definitely a nice soundtrack, especially when reading Ginsberg's work. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This made me smile, I hadn't even thought of using today's prompt to celebrate writing poetry and the challenge itself! I especially like "a slow process of subtraction / one cell at a time" wonderful concept/image even though I really don't know what it means. Thank you.

Marianne ... said...

Yes! I love it .... a tribute to a celebration of NaPo and ReadWritePoem! What a grand idea!

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Yeah cool celebration!

Anonymous said...

Yes, all of life is a marathon, and every day, every poem, every poet, is to be celebrated! Thank you for making me feel invited to the party :)

lucychili said...

yes writing and reading poetry is
often bittersweet like blues
best wishes

rallentanda said...

Tangerine dreams and marmalade skies
'you make me feel like dancin'
gonna dance the night away'
Lovely poem Wayne!

Terri Light said...

Love the beat era/slam poetry feel here. It moves at a great pace with a myriad of favorite memories for me! Thanks for this one!

Anonymous said...

Fun poem! Good job.

Erin Davis said...

I love thinking of these 30 days as a celebration!

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