Friday, April 24, 2009


preacher roe who loved to talk
was worn like an old sack
so in solitude he flew off
to the place where planets collide
and eagles crash through the mud

searching to be unplugged
and find deep silence
where the road is too long
where the sky is too deep
where the horizon is too vast
where his mind will be emptied yet full
where the frogs hesitate to croak
he will stand naked and silent

with the blockage in his bowel
we wont have to listen
to his bull shit anymore
as preacher roe remains
silent and unplugged


Elizabeth said...

"Silent and unplugged" - that ending is very witty. I like the imagery in this.

Liz at

Anonymous said...

hello, Wayne!

Just wanted to say that I enjoy your poems (and your visits!) so I've given you a "kreativ blogger" award! You can pick it up here:

Jeeves said...

hahaha. like this.

carole said...

This made me chuckle. Some folk need unplugging.