Thursday, April 9, 2009


sometimes days seemed wasted

years in the cities

sometimes decaying

with and without talent

but always a direction

but not always connected

patient at times sometimes falling

sometimes broke but never complete

but it was always paradise

now older sometimes wiser

it still is paradise

maybe really truly paradise

when your seventy and healthy

wonderful daughters

four great beautiful grandchildren

a wonderful caring partner

sharing glorious moments in the mountains

and loving her

it's all paradise


desert rat said...

Your poem and photo reminded me of a weekend I spent with my cousins in the Rocky Mountains. Being with family, surrounded by so much natural beauty, looking down at clouds... paradise, indeed. Thanks for the memory jog.

- desert rat
my paradise poem:

Elizabeth said...

You nailed what paradise becomes for many of us as we age. It's all so simple, really. Thank you for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

reflecting and turning back... and still paradise sings... now that is heaven...

Anonymous said...

Your poem speaks highly. To me it sings in so many ways. Simple treasures in life are often overlooked/misunderstood until we slow down and/or wise up. Breathtaking all around.

Anonymous said...

Paradise indeed - an idyllic scene and the people you love. Paradise is right where you are.