Tuesday, April 21, 2009


down to the waterfront i went
searching for the sailor
who would lead me to the parlor

inside he asked me what i wanted
a phoenix i replied
red orange green and blue

then across my bones and under my flesh
he applied the colors
with his droning needle

red for my rage
pixeled and screaming
to mesmerize all

orange for my jealousy
bottled in my dreams
and hidden behind no smile

green and blue for my envy
sadness and fears
and all the tortured nights

all hidden hidden from all

with the shades between
to show the journey i will take
the fire of coals i will run from
carving the deep lines dark
not stopping if i flinch
as i am already established with pain

trace out the wings like flames
relasing me from the hole
and the cage that holds

i am not what they want me
your sweet child to hold
i am now seventeen and need to fly

with the phoenix
you tattoo on my arm
off i will fly i'm now of age


Anonymous said...

That certainly is a rite of passage!


Anonymous said...

I think this poem is exceptional. I love the image of the phoenix, the colours and what they represent and the ending. I wasn't even sure I was reading a rites of passage poem until I got to the end.

Elizabeth said...

I really enjoyed the sharp images here and the connections you make between the colors and emotions. It also flows very well. It gives me more insight into the growing popularity of tattooing among teens these days.

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Hope it didn't hurt too much, cool marking (pun intended)of the passage of time - Nice Rite!!

Anonymous said...

wow--love this! wonderful description of the tattoo and I like how the phoenix becomes a metaphor for the boy "rising."

Wayne Pitchko said...

thanks again everyone for taking the time to read other peoples poems..It is one thing for so many to be writing all these poems but its quite amazing for how you all take the time to read others...your awsome

susan said...

Vivid. Struck by the verbs and line construction here. I'd nix the 'of age' and end it on the action. Enjoyed this. Thanks.

Wayne Pitchko said...

thanks Susan..something to think about

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed this wayne...

like these 2 lines:

i am not what they want me
your sweet child to hold
dont ask.. looking forward to your next..