Saturday, April 18, 2009


the palms sway in the breeze

above the saffron pavement

all i can see beyond him is

the azure ripples

of the caribbean sea

the havana coastline retreats like a hem

from the patches of seaweed

i saw at first glance

jesus lying on the edge

of the seawall last nite

his latin shadow spilled across the ocean

and over the kids fishing on the rocks

below her bedroom window

covered in the cobwebs of the breeze

we slapped at the flies

as the havana tenements collapsed

enclosed in turqouise

he slept

the words i used from the 50 word salad.... patches..seaweed..slapped ..bedroom.. turquoise


Linda Jacobs said...

This is so alive with images! And I love the word "saffron"!

Anonymous said...

LOL Linda liked the same word I did. I couldn't believe you used it as an adjective for pavement. BRILLIANT move on your part!

Overall the whole thing is riddled with breathtaking images. A GREAT job!

Thanks for reading mine :o).