Friday, April 10, 2009

thrift store boots

i needed a pair of cowboy boots

not hard when you know where to go

off to the thrift store always a sale

to wear to the cement city cowboy show

sitting on the shelf hardly worn

as usual the price was low

they were near the floor

kinda hard to see you know

they were hand tooled with a carved eagle

so for a dollar i took them home with me

as a tribute to all the thrift stores

that gives you a bargain not quite free

combing my moustache and dressing with care

wearing my fine silk shirt and go to hell grin

i swaggered with my special boots

to hear the cement city cowboys and their songs of sin


Anonymous said...

Oh this is CUTE LOL! I LOVE it :o)))).

Anonymous said...

I love your take on thrift stores. The last verse conjures up quite an image - 'combing my moustache...go to hell grin...I swaggered with my special city boots'.

Anonymous said...

Lively, like an old upbeat country song.

"cement city cowboys and their songs of sin" I love it!

Erin Davis said...

What a great illustration of how a thrift store can open up so many possibilities...