Sunday, April 19, 2009


when everything is right

i don't ask why

as the friendship will be

and float like a butterfly

when things go wrong

no matter if it's her or me

the friendship will remain

though at times will sting like a bee

the friendship is special

like the rose that will bloom

as the bee and butterfly emerge

we will never cocoon

sharing the sunshine and storms

the warmth and the snow

standing with it and through it

as the hot and cold winds blow


nothing lasts forever


Lluvia said...

How touching! I am surprised, but I haven't read enough of your work to see the softer side. Very nice.

Elizabeth said...

This flows in a very sweet rhythm - a nice reflection of the heartfelt feeling.

Jeeves said...

Indeed. Nothing lasts forever

Phil Thrift said...

a great expression of metaphor and rhyme -- and message

Anonymous said...


nothing last forever."

*Sigh* I once wrote a poem which stated forever ends and always never comes. I'm reminded of those words I now choke on when I read your poem LOL.

Thanks for a GREAT read and for visiting my poem!

AnOminous Mistake said...

Hey, powerful little gemstone. The nature imagery is really effective (and the artwork as well, but that goes without saying. i'm jealous you master the pen and paintbrush with equal ease).
Keep it up!

Jenn Jilks said...

It is interesting in poetry month I have read more poems by men. Many of them I with whom I cannot identify. I tend to read mystery novels by women, as well.

Your poems speak to me, however. I am quite happy to have them here to read!