Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easy Rider

they sold the drugs to the connection

the rolls royce is the connection

then captain america and billy the kid

hit the road on their harleys

life is the neverending highway

roaring to the unknown

and the pot is neverending

the highway is life

as they look for the rainbow

travelling across america

and joined by a drunken lawyer

searching for the freedom that is life

showing him grass that is their joy

the neverending trip

to the cemetary with the hookers

without their rolls royce

still searching for freedom

the freedom that is life

the american dream

the market place

continuing along the highway

confronted by rednecks

who shoot captain america and billy

along the highway that is life


Phil Thrift said...

This is so much like the Beat poetry I like.
I like it!

AnOminous Mistake said...

Hunter S. Thompson and Kerouac rolled into one hog-riding devil's angel... You captured a lot in this poem. Nicely done.