Wednesday, April 22, 2009


you hitched a thousand miles
north from san francisco
looking for confessions between
the high winds and ten thousand things

growing older and blind
you rely on the darkness because
the night has a thousand eyes

wet and hungry you feel
the kleenex flavored snacks
dribble down your chin

looking gross feeling feeling depressed
heading for lotus land wondering if
what i have attained in buddhism is nothing

you remain a beggar
both lonely and happy while
im crying all the time

remembering that day i yelled at you
to get out of my way
i remain cold like an icy hydrant

in the shadow of that memory
i leave my silence to a co operative of poets
who have already bruised their mouths
against it

poem includes 6 lines from 6 poets

"you hitched a thousand miles north from san francisco" gary snyder from
august on sourdough a visit from dick brewer

"the night has a thousand eyes" robert creeley from chasing the bird

"kleenex flavored snacks dribble down my chin" amy chandler from travel log

"what i have attained in buddhism is nothing" jack kerouac from 190th chorus

"im crying all the time now" allen ginsberg from tears

"i leave my silence to a co operative of poets who have already bruised their mouths against it" leonard cohen from the pro (nashville notebooks of 1965)


Elizabeth said...

Great choice of poets. I like what you do with these lines.

Liz at

Bsquared86 said...

Very interesting, you brought the lines together well. Thank you for sharing and visiting my blog! Don't be a stranger!

Jeeves said...

Nice one. The lines fit so well

sarah said...

Ah, you can go ahead and quote all those great poets with their fabulous famous lines but the best one of all in this poem is "between/
the high winds and ten thousand things". Wonderful.

Wayne Pitchko said...

thanks sarah..I'm still not sure of "things" i think some other quirky word could be there....but i dont like changing what comes out of my silly head...spontanious i guess...anyways..i will leave it as is

Annie said...

Love the mix of the quotes and your own lines. It makes for a lovely piece. I like that you began with the idea of the hitching a ride image - taking us somewhere down the road.

swiss said...

i miss a couple of days and come back to these! you had me at the poet selection even before i'd seen what you did with them. i was instantly taken with both this and yesterday's poem. nice one!

Anonymous said...

I liked the 'high winds and ten thousand things'- very rhythmic with the slant rhyme. Also went wel with 'the night has a thousand eyes'. I'm sure I remember a song of that name. And i can hear leonard Cohen sing/saying those words.

Roxana said...

thank you for visiting my blog... i've been reading through your poems and i am delighted - and even more by some of your paintings... love the whole concept.