Monday, January 28, 2013


                                                         SWEET JANE

sitting on her VELVET chair
above the surreal life of a rock star
beneath the dark metallic sky
where life is an old vinyl record
hung up on Lou Reed
who groans with a grimacing tone

sitting with a symposium of ambitions
above the translation of ideas
beneath the cryptic polluted star
where the hissing vinyl scratches
the nonconforming truths of Lou
who pops sentiment with danger

sitting with her blue eyes winking
above the pain of the UNDERGROUND
beneath the apologizing clouds
where warped records skip
and repeat the same line
Sweet Jane

Thursday, January 17, 2013


I awakened one morning
forgetting the future
remembering the past
where everything was smeared

there was the dingy beer parlour
where everyone drank by themselves
wept because they forgot their memory
drank because beer replaced money

there was the misplaced priorities
mixed with bizarre value judgements
silenced by knowing the futility of all
strangled by the opportunities lost

there was the sad death of becoming a poet
dictated by drinking of the punditocracy
creating art without understanding it
cursed by the absurdity in the average drunk

sitting by a window in the corner
where words could fill my empty glass
dying for a beer
a skid road poet waiting to be published