Tuesday, November 27, 2012

FRIDA'S CHAIR.......(Frida Khalo)

this is how it ended-
me sitting in my chair
while the windows shatter,
my body shining with amnion,
flashes of lightning.

and the glass keeps on breaking
as I slip out of my body.

my life  prances  on the rough surface
where plaster cracks.

the sky opens
and I fly out on fire.

rain enters me like nails.  I have a vapour scarf.

I sit erect as the moon's beams hold me.

ice,  you are a frozen wedding-dress
I slide over my head, welcoming  my death.

I wear you dearly as I ignite-
       don't let me come back.

........having just returned from Mexico City and spening time at Frida Khalo's house/studio...inspired by her and Diego Rivera