Thursday, February 21, 2013


                                                                   CANDY KISSES

full moon. dark sky.
french window open wide:
other barriers between us
endless, invisible.
on a threshold
as the window closes upon the night,
dreaming, striped lips, moonlight.
candy kisses.

Thursday, February 14, 2013



once beyond time in the darkness of night
lives a beauty and a beast,

to both; see beauty,
to both; see beast,

there lie many evil spirits;
between their hearts,

their thoughts shake from secrets;
of  untold silent emotion,

they see each other as their own love,
but lovers are free and tied to none,

within the silence, a soft voice shouts,
"I am your mirror but beware,
a reflection is a false belief."

an emphatic echo deep below the tree sighs,
"I am your soul, I hope for your growth,
in your sorrow I melt; in your love I lie.

within your heart; mine will beat,
in your feelings, lies my touch,
I am only a deception of your memory,
grasp on to nothing, give your soul freedom,

because I can't be either with or without;
the nature of life,

looking over you; resembling your shadow;
beyond the light of the stars and sun ,
in darkness when the moon hides behind clouds,
always there only as far as I can go."

the storms cry again, breathing silence,
until only a barrier of air remains,

the spirits perform gypsy dances,
to the  rhythmic wind;
of a sacrifice; oblivious to all.

  a poem written for Poetry Jam...prompt, Sacrifices
                                WWP...........prompt, how a fairy tale begins

Monday, February 11, 2013



Her lips, envelope points.
Sealed corners.  Emotions
folded tightly.  Softly she smiles;
yesterday hides behind her lips.

Slender tapered fingers; tugging
and holding.  Arms harmonizing with
motion, waltzing past hot air.
Vapour surrounds her in hot shadows.

Jazz music.  Lipstick;  drawing her
darkness into sin, breathing, wanting
forgiveness.  Her words wave like
lips drying.  Hair hangs
smoldering in heat.  Showers fire cold
bodies.  A saxophone plays her song.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


                                                           HOMELESS MAN

the homeless man always arrives
with his tools
to loosen the hatreds
and tighten the loves.
the old man arrives,
always eager
with a smile  on his face
ready to fix the broken.

separating bottles from here,
garbage from there,
working hard.
always he goes
this old man
changing dirt into gold.

he arrives in the back lane
where the power
that shines the light is found.
and always there
he does his work
the fixer of dreams.

the homeless man always arrives
up to the person,
up the people,
up to the sky.
the old man arrives
and from that time
silence ends
and singing begins.