Thursday, February 26, 2009


What is in the mirror?

is it reflecting a forgotten question?

or not having the answer

only showing intuition.

Intuition is only a mirror

not creating anything

only reflecting

everything you bring.

It is silent, pure, crystal clear water

reflecting the stars and loon

Reflection lake the third eye

not creating, simply reflecting the moon.

So I will put off the answer

to all that are wiser than me

the politicians, bankers, preachers and Jesus

Who all say they reflect and have the key.

Friday, February 20, 2009


I dreamed of a midget five feet tall

who stomped the poet to the ground

he kicked me in the hot shsot square

then ran away.

Homer my tortured cousin

all seven feet tall..dropped his cards

and put chase under the bridge

where front street meets the river.

While roses and bread rot on the street

and lovers embrace

I halucinated and felt the pain

as my cousin chased the midget

in the rain.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Oh Heart..sometimes it will weap,

Oh will always beat.

Oh Heart..sometimes you mite hide,

Oh Heart you keep love inside.

Oh Heart..sometimes you cry,

Oh Heart..just never despise.

Oh Heart..sometimes you are weak,

Oh Heart.. you listen b ut never speak.

Oh Heart..sometimes you mite burn,

Oh gentle and always learn.

Oh Heart..sometimes life seems wrong,

Oh Heart..always remain strong.

Oh Heart..sometimes blue,

Oh Heart..keep beating as love is always true.

Oh Heart always glow,

even in the snow.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hasta Siempre Comandante (Until Always)

riding the bus siting backwards,

not knowing what lies ahead

but seeing the past

another riminder of Che, not dead.

I read Granma the newspaper,

thinking of the yacht

crossing the Caribbean with Fidel

and the battle they fought.

to the Sierra Maestra

guerrilla warfare for two years,

to Havana to overthrow Batista

and rid the Cubans of their fears.

out the window again I see Che,

Hasta Siempre Comandante,

thats what they say.

Friday, February 6, 2009


poker says it all

poker on wednsday

yoga on thursday

anf all in between.

poker I bluffed, some say lied,

yoga I relaxed with a downward dog,

poker won four dollars, never cried,

yoga, meditation and out of the fog.

poker, I had some cheezies and beer,

after yoga, some tofu and green tea.

doesn't matter what you do or what you hear,

not always organic......but all ways BE.....

all in.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

POGA: Now and Then

POGA: Now and Then

Now and Then

I was there yesterday, now Im not
I tried to go back, but did not see it coming.
I went back further, then fell into the ditch
dirty and wet, so I got up and walked backwards
to the front of the back and on to the horizon.
It seemed so far away so I ran and tried to catch it.
then , stopped, turned around slowed down.

walking slowly towards the horizon,
and even slower, now crawling
it became clear that slowly I would continue on the journey.