Thursday, October 29, 2009


RWP#98....using this photo
by auburnnewyork


It was the year I ran away from home
leaving my rotten days of boredom behind
to join the bright-lighted carnival
the year the clown interviewed me
smiling and smelling of wine
with a perverted look in his eye
the year I traded my wool sweater
for a leather jacket and black denim jeans
and the lady of nicotine
the year I failed juggling
but passed kissing the elephant girl
with her fragrence of mustard and fries
the year the hot dog-faced boy
locked me in the monkey cage
barking with an illegal smile on his face
the year I walked the sideshow alley
mingling with the freaks
howling with the alley cats
the year I found the shooting gallery
where the clowns shot heroin
while eating cotton candy
the year I rode the ghost train
before falling from the roller coaster
the year I won the doll prize
kissing the bearded lady
where nobody wins
the year I learned games are honest
but the carnies steal candy apples
from kids
the year I woke up in some alcove
under a roller coaster
wrapped in feathers and caramel
the year I ran towards the sombre sunrise
like a monkey through fires
towards a fortune of boredom
leaving a broken roller coaster.

Friday, October 23, 2009


RWP#97...using the cut up technique
I cut up a page of Sailor Song by Ken Kesey
page 371 and randomely using words for this poem . I added the word
SKIN.....after slicing my finger with the scissors.

This is a draft


Ike had suspicions
about everybody in Kuniak
especially that goddamed newshound
who stood still
publishing dirt
green stuff
the dead friend in the limousine
the old squid
Isaak's soul
the old dog in the limousine
skin in the poem
the carcass in the limousine
the dead brain with no glasses
the dirty dish with paranoia
seepy skin in the limousine
the poor that conquer skin
his maniac brother without skin
driving the limousine in Kuniak.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


using all the prompt words
in bold


Rolling up into the land of purity
searching for that awakened state of bliss
and some cosmoramic exhibition
of shocking enlightenment
listening to Mother Tuckers Yellow Duck
giving us insight into irresistible false kisses
from their invisible memory candles
before it exploded inside the jars of our head
then surrender to the long tailed thrasher Bill
and his non vowelized poetry
who would always croak in a language
of a capricious professor
from the progeny of some learning school
then surrendering in vehement denial
to Mock Duck and circumcisions
while bleeding insolent behaviour
towards the prison farms
and asylums using a therapy of chelations
to detox the chemicals from brains
not allowing a socially responsible investment
in free speech
we were the Kitsilano reprobates
exulting peace love and pot.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Amigo on seawall

Wayne and amigo on bench

RWP#95.."mash" 2 poems together. Poems not satisfied with. I mashed SLEEPING ON THE EDGE and OPPOSITE SIDES OF BENCH (in italics) then every 5th line I added a new line (BOLD)..anyways this what I came up with
Above the saffron pavement
sitting on a bench in Havana
all I can see beyond him
drinking rum
I am a happy stranger
with Jesus lying on the malecon seawall
we talked about poetry
the Havana coastline retreating like a hem
like beat poets
getting drunk to get thirsty
covered in the cobwebs of the breeze
cultivating a rose by Jose Marti
enclosed in turquoise they slept
revolutionaries in love
having nothing having it all
along the malecon
we attracted kindred spirits
from the patches of seaweed
and Hemmingways for whom the bells tolls
writing when the writing was done
I saw at first glance
baseball Castro and Cuban music
azure ripples of the Carribean Sea
a common destiny
three amigos rum poetry and dreaming.