Wednesday, February 6, 2013


                                                           HOMELESS MAN

the homeless man always arrives
with his tools
to loosen the hatreds
and tighten the loves.
the old man arrives,
always eager
with a smile  on his face
ready to fix the broken.

separating bottles from here,
garbage from there,
working hard.
always he goes
this old man
changing dirt into gold.

he arrives in the back lane
where the power
that shines the light is found.
and always there
he does his work
the fixer of dreams.

the homeless man always arrives
up to the person,
up the people,
up to the sky.
the old man arrives
and from that time
silence ends
and singing begins.


Brian Miller said... verse wayne...i have a place in my heart for homeless guys...spent a bit of time among them in several places i have lived...i like that you make him the star of your show...

Peggy said...

I like this Wayne. One of those people who are in the background and so often not noticed. I also enjoyed looking at your paintings.

anthonynorth said...

Great words. It's good to let them know they are still thought of.

Laurie Kolp said...

I love this, Wayne... and I see a metaphor here for God... amazing.

JANU said...

This is ode to the homeless!

Mary said...

Well penned, Wayne. I enjoyed that you gave the homeless man a 'face.' I especially like 'fixer of dreams.' Some very well turned phrases here.

Anonymous said...

I like a lot of things about this poem. The homeless man, although anonymous, is given a character and qualities to be deeply admired. He moves quietly but does whatever needs to be done. Your words raise him to the status of an individual, and like someone else implied, you make him an angel moving through our midst.


Helen said...

This is beautiful ... I do a little bit of volunteer work at a homeless shelter in my city. So many amazing humans, amazing.

Sara McNulty said...

Wayne, what faces and truths you have conveyed in this well done poem.

Jules said...

I have seen this man - and we shared some smiles. I offered a silent prayer for him.

Thanks for stopping by my offering. I had fun with it.

Judy Roney said...

What a tribute to the homeless and the work he does. I sit here in awe of this poem.