Thursday, February 14, 2013



once beyond time in the darkness of night
lives a beauty and a beast,

to both; see beauty,
to both; see beast,

there lie many evil spirits;
between their hearts,

their thoughts shake from secrets;
of  untold silent emotion,

they see each other as their own love,
but lovers are free and tied to none,

within the silence, a soft voice shouts,
"I am your mirror but beware,
a reflection is a false belief."

an emphatic echo deep below the tree sighs,
"I am your soul, I hope for your growth,
in your sorrow I melt; in your love I lie.

within your heart; mine will beat,
in your feelings, lies my touch,
I am only a deception of your memory,
grasp on to nothing, give your soul freedom,

because I can't be either with or without;
the nature of life,

looking over you; resembling your shadow;
beyond the light of the stars and sun ,
in darkness when the moon hides behind clouds,
always there only as far as I can go."

the storms cry again, breathing silence,
until only a barrier of air remains,

the spirits perform gypsy dances,
to the  rhythmic wind;
of a sacrifice; oblivious to all.

  a poem written for Poetry Jam...prompt, Sacrifices
                                WWP...........prompt, how a fairy tale begins


Laurie Kolp said...

Fascinating, Wayne... especially:

I am only a deception of your memory,

rallentanda said...

A very interesting poem about the
complexity of relationships and the expectations of people in a relationship have of each other.
Lot to think about...I like beauty and beast to both. I think you may have been hiding in my wardrobe:)

Mary said...

Wayne, I really like this poem. Such a sensitive verse!

Brian Miller said...

I am your mirror but beware,
a reflection is a false belief.

killer line def capture the complexity of the relationships in this like ral pointed out...

tight write sir....good to see you at PJ

barbara_y said...

Same in all but name?

lucychili said...

i hope in love i could be there for someone, be present and empowering, a hand to hold, a song to share.

a trick of memory perhaps that is what life is.

Jules said...

In the story of 'Beauty and the Beast'...not the movie...'Beauty' was a payment for the taking of a stolen rose...

Stolen moments of ourselves...shadows and shadowed.

Thanks for stopping by my verse.

Peggy said...

I enjoyed your poem -- some wonderful word craft and images here. I was trying to figure out if the number of lines in each stanza and their variation was some kind of specific form but finally decided not. Excellent poem.

SaraV said...

Wayne, love this!! Mystical, magical and that phrase "the storms cry again, breathing silence until only barrier of air remains" is wonderful :-) Thank you so much for the visit!

Sara McNulty said...

Wow! I love this poem. deceiving reflections in mirrors, `I am only a deception of your memory',
swept away by this one, Wayne.

Kelvin S.M. said...

...a reflection is a false belief --- true that... love are bound to feel, understand, accept... and not to look onto outer appearance or cover... liked the fairy tale inspiration in this and the sensitivity of your point here... smiles... enjoyed it...

Robyn Greenhouse said...

I wasn't able to tackle the fairy tale prompt, but you did a wonderful job! Captured by your words and story here - within your heart, mine will beat - love this line!

Mary Ann Potter said...

Mirrors, reflections, and shadows - such well-chosen imagery! You have a unique style and rhythm here.

Judy Roney said...

What a haunting tale. We so often see our reflections in others. So many things going on and metaphors appearing in this poem.

kaykuala said...

the storms cry again, breathing silence,until only a barrier of air remains,

A moment in time, life's challenges may just be stifled by unlikely barriers not anticipated. Nicely Wayne!