Monday, January 28, 2013


                                                         SWEET JANE

sitting on her VELVET chair
above the surreal life of a rock star
beneath the dark metallic sky
where life is an old vinyl record
hung up on Lou Reed
who groans with a grimacing tone

sitting with a symposium of ambitions
above the translation of ideas
beneath the cryptic polluted star
where the hissing vinyl scratches
the nonconforming truths of Lou
who pops sentiment with danger

sitting with her blue eyes winking
above the pain of the UNDERGROUND
beneath the apologizing clouds
where warped records skip
and repeat the same line
Sweet Jane


anthonynorth said...

Great words around a classic.

Berowne said...

An inventive and sensible post.

jasmine calyx said...

WOW. This is amazing! One of the best poems I've read in some time.

I'm troubled to select a favorite line, but this really grabs me: "who pops sentiment with danger" I really, really just love it all! Excellent. I'll definitely be following you.

Helen said...

I enjoyed this ... like that you chose Sweet Jane from the Velvet Underground .. her mother's name.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I like this creation, so textured and layered.

Tess Kincaid said... how you weaved in velvet underground...

Sara McNulty said...

Bravo! Sweet Jane is one of my favorite songs of the haunted Mr. Reed. Velvet Underground comes up for air!

Other Mary said...

I enjoyed reading this aloud...the alliteration and assonance work well; as does the structure. Putting her above and below...central to the piece.

Helena said...

Gets in my top 10 placing! Wonderfully deep.

Lyn said...

"Nonconforming truth of Lou"...oh, perfect! One of a kind..