Thursday, August 12, 2010


POW#14 Man Ray wordle


like a musical instrument waiting to be played

she sits on an unfettered log

looking back to see her forbidden tattoos

and my frisson of excitement

with a silk tulle wrapped around her head

falling across unpainted lips and finger tips

beneath the rose covering her broken heart

wobbling around her lap like some unforgiving girdle

towards a white feathered promise

of untold virginity

I pick up my brush


flaubert said...

Now that is a painting you need to paint!

brenda w said...

This is beautiful. I can picture the two of you ready to create. I'm with Pamela. Paint away, Wayne. Thanks for sharing.

jinksy said...

like a musical instrument waiting to be played

Great opening line for this one...

rallentanda said...

Very clever Wayne.You have used the words creatively. Good one!

rallentanda said...

POW has passed away ( overdosed on some used hash from the Taliban:)Thank you for your participation and creative poems Wayne. I will visit from time to time

Francis Scudellari said...

Perfect use of the words and the visual (which I only referenced indirectly).

I hope the Cup goes to Vancouver next year, I'm not greedy enough to expect the Blackhawks to get it two years in a row :).