Sunday, August 29, 2010



only the lonely go to cemeteries with their guitars

searching for Hank's honky tonk blues

moaning about dead cold cold hearts

only if they knew his ghost was still alive

only the lonely drive around in empty Cadilacs

window shopping for lost dreams and whiskey

before breaking chains from cheatin hearts

only if they knew wild men have karma

only the lonely go to empty bars

waiting for strangers that dont care

hopelessly scheming for more heartbreaks

only if they knew everyone has the lovesick blues

only the lonely stroll down deserted back alleys

not trying to control the rowdy uncontrollables

pleased with the gorgeous scent of jambalaya

only if they knew half as much

only the lonely spend new years in jail

knowing losers can never lose again

angry because the will miss the super bowl

only if they knew their teams always lose

only the lonely go on stage with their band

playing sad songs dressed in smoke

happy to find more teardrops from the songs

only if they knew their lonelinesss is happy

only the lonely dance by themselves at 2AM

not caring they missed closing time

uneasy with their pretty Mickey Mantle eyes

only if they knew


Stan Ski said...

I think everyone can relate to at least one of these examples of loneliness.

Marja said...

Lots of food for thought. If only the lonely would be more aware life would be a lot easier
well written

Systematic Weasel said...

Excellent post, Wayne! Awesome work! =)


Mary said...

You have really captured loneliness in this poem, Wayne.

Deborah said...

Well written!
... and thanks for the welcome :o)

anthonynorth said...

So many examples; so many ways we can be lonely.
Excellently done.

BJ Roan said...

Excellent way to describe lonely. Well done!

Sabi Sunshine said...

what a lovely post.. i loved it... And i love your paintings too.. they are very creative..! Keep up the good work!


flaubert said...

Wayne loneliness sorrounds us in so many different ways!
Excellent post!

Anonymous said...

Such depth, Wayne, the poem's marvellous. So charming to repeat the words from a song title.