Saturday, August 21, 2010


Writers Island prompt#17....Time Travel


travelled back last night in an old magazine

to a distant place where it was mine

beyond Fleetwood Mac and modern art

where my mind took me back with Time

Truman preached his New Deal

Sinatra was finding his voice

no gated communities or ponzi schemes

when democracy gave us a choice

walking back to the age of ten

my lost boxes and treasures

memories of the house that Ruth built

playing stick ball and other pleasures

rewinding to Joltin Joe 1948

when moving fast was still slow

and all the news came a week late

where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?


Systematic Weasel said...

It seems Time Magazine is making for special edition magazines today. If I had a little extra cash at the time, I would've grabbed the 60's themed one a few months back. Wonderfully written piece, Wayne!

-Weasel =)

Anonymous said...

Excellent poem - the style suits the content to a T. Please, what is a ponzi scheme?

anthonynorth said...

A great look back.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love what you did with the prompt: the magazine and the journey. Excellent work!

Diane T said...

1948? The year I was born, LOL. A fascinating poem and a good take on the prompt!

flaubert said...

Wayne I love your journey back in time.
And with a magazine no less.
`ponzi scheme` an excellent additive!

Anonymous said...

Ah! Now that's the question! Delightful trip back. I was 2 in 1948!

Anonymous said...

Cute and kind of amusing, I like the flow of the poem ^^

Anonymous said...

I really like the line "moving fast was still slow," good image of the era and state of being at the time. Yelling progress by somehow impeding it. Like what you tackled and how you went about doing it,


Rob Kistner said...

...a nation turns its lonely eyes to you...

Like this a lot Wayne, made me long, just a bit, for that pace of life...