Thursday, August 19, 2010


WWP#15 inspired by above Sarah Regnier


every morning at dawn she sits

staring at her radio

listening to Oxydol's own Ma perkins

and the rest of the characters on the shelf

lighting up her first Chesterfield of ther day

gagging herself to death

blackmailed through her smoking and gloom

trapped between her lost independance

and frenzied delerium

puzzled by the quietness in the empty kitchen

the howling kingdom on the shelves

and the endless persecution of the roosters

listening to another episode

before writing

her last poem of the air


brenda w said...

Wayne, The tone of this piece is decidedly different than most of them I've read from the prompt. The woman is intriguing. I love "the howling kingdom on the shelves."

Anonymous said...

The radio soaps were still around when I was a kid, but I was only peripherally aware of them, and never met Ma Perkins.
The rest--been somewhere near there, myself.

flaubert said...

Wayne this is an excellent response to the prompt!
`trapped between her lost independance
and frenzied delerium`

I love these two lines,they say so much!

Paul Oakley said...

Great take on this prompt, Wayne! It's fascinating that this poem's mother is a chain-smoking addict of the soaps, trapped in her kitchen along with the endlessly persecuted roosters - a perfect metaphor to transform the idealized life of the curio shelf to the reality of an off-the-shelf life that was not what it was supposed to be. I love it!

Derrick said...

Very different and rather sad, Wayne. The lines that Brenda and Pamela have highlighted appealed to me too.

Anonymous said...

Yes that line Pam pointed out sums it well. Great portrait, not at all airbrushed.