Saturday, August 29, 2009


RWP prompt #89 was to use a headline. I used the headline THE GREAT DIVIDE. We live in the Rocky Mountains with a small creek running through... down to the Columbia river then to the Pacific ocean. Other creeks run down the eastern slope of the Great Divide to the East..North and South.


Gentle creek flowing
towering Rocky Mountains above
broken ridge orange and black
where the goats
believe in the mountains
and dance
clear as a glacier ridge
pyramids of spiritual evolution
summits that view
the precise chaos of creation
a combination of emotional challenge
and physical survival
romance and beauty filling my heart
gazing at the creek
as thoughts run deep
old memories
new thoughts
forming more wisdom
then thoughts turn away for a moment
to man's eyes and hands
and his monuments of foolishness
homes with no space or heart
like caged up chickens
pecking and scratching
with broken beaks
in their ideologies and fears
our home in the mountains
beside a small creek
flowing from chaos
as the creeks on the other side flow
to the East North South
as man divides on this dying world.


Jenn Jilks said...

Very rich! Delicious...

Anonymous said...

especially: the goats believe in the mountains and dance
nice thought

anthonynorth said...

A great comparison between different ways of living. Nicely done.

Irene Toh said...

Wayne, A nice evocation of place and feeling.

Jeeves said...

Dying world. Sigh

Francis Scudellari said...

It makes me yearn for the peace of those mountains. I liked the imagery in these lines:

like caged up chickens
pecking and scratching
with broken beaks

chaka said...
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chaka said...

Wish I become an aged person who can see the world as a poet's mind. Thank you for writing poems.

Anonymous said...

I like the creek-like shape and flow of the poem, short lines of varied length without punctuation breaks or other pauses; it fits the theme and nicely suspends the voice.

Anonymous said...

This poem makes the reader think about all kinds of divisions -- natural land features (high/low, flowing/stopped, east/west); man against nature; and man divided against other men; man's physical being against his emotional being. These layers are rewarding to read.