Thursday, August 13, 2009

hOt cOrner

ola, buenas dias, hell
o he replied. My name Julio. Y
ou speak english g
ood me no spanish. H
ot corner here, do you come
often? si, every m
orning to talk baseball. W
OW Im a baseball freak too like Castr
Orestes Minnie remember? si
outfielder infielder Chicago White S
OX. I watch Cuba play D
odgers in Havana in 1947. W
OW. I remember Jackie R
obinson his first season with Br
ooklyn played in that game. H
oly cow!..what you mean H
oly cow?
Oh just a saying scooter Rizzut
o use to say. Who best Cuban player? N
o problem...Marten Dihig
o. W
OW. He is in hall of fame C
ooperstown with T
ony Perez I saw at the big
O no in Montreal in 1977 with Expos. H
oly cow Julio said. We both kn
ow beezball. I scout Washington Senat
ors 1950s. H
oly cow. Pedro Ramos, Jose Valdiviels
o, Carlos Paula, Camilo Pascual, Evili
o Hernandez, you scout these? Si..W
OW, unbelievable. We could talk
old baseball all day long. Si..t
onite we meet at La Bodeguita del Medi
o where Hemmingway and the great p
oet Wallace Steven hung
out...Babe Ruth the Bambin
o drank there when in Havana t
oo. So we will drink mojit
os and talk beezball all night l
ong. Si..see you t
onite. Adios amigo.

RWP prompt 87.....vowel "O"
Photo of me at hot corner in Havana where Cubans have PASSIONATE
discussions/argument on baseball EVERY day. Every time in Havana
I go there. Last year met this old guy and u guessed it talked
beezball. This poem reflects some of what we talked about.


Anonymous said...

Por un personna valora este poema es necesario hablar espanol. Gusto mucho! Bien poema. Gracias.

Anonymous said...

What a cool take on the prompt! Your "spelling" choices really help to focus on the vowel sounds, as well as the dual languages being spoken. I love the story of where the poem came from.

Dave said...

Baseball and poetry - together where they belong in one piece! Great stuff, Wayne.


Wayne Pitchko said...

yup...basebal IS poetry...sometimes in slow motion though