Wednesday, August 19, 2009


ReadWritePrompt #88 using all the prompt words


lights out
ready to rumble and BRISTLE
his hi-fi microphone
sitting on the lazer structure
with its organice DIODE on

biting his bloody lips
FROTH coming from his mouth
ready to RANT
spoon feed his faithfull listeners
with rancid ELOCUTION

ridiculing the loony left
as they HITCH-hike their free ride
with words that COAGULATE
like RANCID butter

always preaching his SALACIOUS desires
that echo to the converted
then rushing out HOMEWARD bound
elizabeth alexander's poem on his 8-TRACK
and more oxycontin for a man in pain


Anonymous said...

Did you capatalize the words for our reference or is it contributing to the meaning of the poem overall?

anthonynorth said...

Powerful use of the words.

Anonymous said...

Clever, clever, clever. (you missed the caps on 8-track?)

Anonymous said...

I see you feel the same way about Limbaugh as I do. Only one thing left out of your poem: Glenn Beck. Tragically this made me smile, couldn't laugh, too much truth.

Cynthia Short said...

very astute, very cynical, very good...

Derrick said...

I'm not familiar with Mr Limbaugh and, from this, maybe that's a good thing!

Nathan said...

"Rancid elocution" indeed!

And, Derrick, you're very lucky.

Francis Scudellari said...

An extremely creative use of the words... and a very fitting "portrait" of Mr. Limbaugh.

Anonymous said...

oh, I LOVE this!!

funny how the word list fits the subject so well!!

(and I hope all is well at home...)

gautami tripathy said...

"rancid Elocution"

I like that!

static of the radio bustles at me

Radio Nowhere said...

I loathe Lumbaugh with a passion...

So, needless to say I loved this. And, it is well done. Lovely sentiment...for a man who is a pain.

Puddles is my contribution.

Lawrence Gladeview said...

wayne enjoyed the defamation of rush in this one, a prick that i wish would fall off. thought your use of "hitch" with "hike" was unique and savvy. always enjoy the read, well done here wayne. -lawrence

Wayne Pitchko said...

oops 8-TRACK now capitalized....I had busy day...and I guess the OLD 8- TRACK....well just tooo lazy...Why did I Cap the prompt words?...I dunno...just did. I dont havemany answers.....just the questions. Thanks everyone. N OT knowing Limbaugh is a GOOOOOOOOD thing

Raven's Wing Poetry said...

I love this... a very accurate description of the man. Good use of the words too.

Rob said...

I love this Wayne!! ;)

Burn that hypocritical, divisive waste of human DNA, flame the bastard straight to hell. Want to know how I really feel...

Fine piece my friend, and I hope your partner is well on the mend.


Wanda McCollar said...

Where I live there is only one radio station in English, and at just about the time I am going home from school, Limbaugh is the only person on. So I might listen, but it always ends the same way- with me screaming aaaarrrrrghhhh or worse and punching off the radio. I love your poem. You have captured this man very well indeed.

Jeeves said...

Nice one

James said...

Nice use of the words. Mine ended up circling around talk radio also. You nailed the grand poobah himself. Well done.

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