Tuesday, July 3, 2012


growing peacefully
rain drops on the fern's shoulders
wetness of July
soil gets ready for more growth
before leaving with winter


Brian Miller said...

NICE....got a little rain last night...was a nice cut in the heat...my version would be:

brown & brittle,
the tender rain
snapped the dry branches
off at the base

Carol Steel 5050 said...

I like the last line especially: "before leaving with winter."

Jules said...

Just a day or two after the solstice a relative reminded me that the days were once again getting shorter...
I enjoyed your tanka mine is here:

chiccoreal said...

Dear Wayne: A very creative way with words, and the flow is perfect. Loves how this mystic's inner journey dreams of Persia. Does conjure many images; thank-you~!!!

Little Nell said...

Some very descriptive phrases here, but to lose the imagination of death - it doesn’t bear thinking about!