Sunday, July 15, 2012


releasing the dust storm from her eyes
and the broken memories of the past
beneath the dark sky where stars sleep
she arises from her dreaming mind

seeking the truth by starlight
with the mysterious music of Persia
strangled by expectations
she feels the breeze of yesterday

ascending from the bed of rumours
and the thousand years of madness
beneath the dark sky where willows weep
she shivers with yesterday's voices

feeling the aches of broken postures
inflicted upon sleepless nights
high from her addictions
she fears the applause for falling asleep

having lost the imagination of death
with the blurred vision of falling
standing alone at the window
dreaming of yesterday's sleep


Brian Miller said...

having lost the imagination of great turn of phrase there...also like the rising from the bed...and the 1000 years of madness...evocative piece for sure...

Sue said...

"ascending from the bed of rumours..."

I liked the double meaning here.

You are good with words and emotion.


Helen said...

Quite nice ... the way you began lines with 'she arises, shivers, feels, fears' ~ I enjoyed your poem.

Laurie Kolp said...

I love this, Wayne!

Rashmi said...


Anonymous said...

I like this structure. The parallels are almost hypnotic (which is appropriate) but the individual lines demand attention. My favorite is "she fears the applause for falling asleep"

I almost missed that last line because of the picture.

Berowne said...

The dark sky where stars sleep...
Terrific stuff.

Tess Kincaid said...

Nice...I especially love the opening line...

Mary said...

Oooooh, so very dark and thought-provoking! Lots to contemplate here.

Lydia said...

My favorite so far for this prompt, Wayne.