Wednesday, February 8, 2012


we should all walk in his moccasins
a wide path beginning in the plains
walking up snow covered mountains
along rivers towards the oceans
across the lonely deserts
battling the dark nights
where the stars lead the way
towards that full moon

where the buffalo flies in the sky
with visions sent by the Great Spirit
and day and night dwell together
respecting the sacred web of life
preserving the land that is sacred to all
like the silent footsteps of spring
and the changing prints of autumn
the earth is part of us

where the ravens swim in the ocean
with powers of the medicine man
and colors live in harmony
remembering the wisdom of elders
knowing the stones are wiser than you
like the warm footsteps of summer
and cold truth of winter
we are part of the earth

if we walked in his moccasins
we would see the width of his plains
feel the warmth of her mountains
look after the rivers and oceans
sleep in their deserts
share the darkness of the night
with the brightness of the stars
circling the full moon together


flaubert said...

Good grief that is absolutely beautiful, Wayne. So well put.


Brian Miller said...

this is a great write wayne...i imagine many would be broken by walking in his mocassins...