Sunday, February 26, 2012


he was strolling down aisle four
a solitary street towards frozen foods
fatigued by plenty of breathing
and too much Kerouac
searching for his canned whore

walking all day without shopping
a death march of overstocked shelves
rushed by the deadline of failure
and too many uppers
running towards more pill popping

he stopped at the congregation of boredom
a self-conscious row of soup cans
touched by visions of pop art
and to many Camel cigs
Andy Warhol silk screened some


Arian Tejano said...

Love this, esp "too much Kerouac
searching for his canned whore"

Dave King said...

fatigued by plenty of breathing
and too much Kerouac

Priceless! Love this one.

Helen said...

I love 'congregation of boredom' .. fits perfectly here. He certainly had issues with mind altering substances .. soup cans and brillo pads included.

Brian Miller said...

some really great touches through this wayne...i really like the congregation of boredom...the canned whore...yeesh, which aisle is that on....smiles...well done...

Kathe W. said...

spot on! Great read!

Carrie Burtt said...

An amazing write Wayne!!

kaykuala said...

Yes he did! Lots of silk-screening. In fact he spearheaded a a revolution in Pop Art that we still hold in awe!


Laurie Kolp said...

Wow- quite impressive, Wayne. Methinks I shall never view soup cans as nothing but canned whores.

Outlawyer said...

This is an interesting poem and take on Warhol--especially the sense of boredom, search, the commercial atmosphere==i'm a little less certain about the canned whore! Though I confess to not having seen any of Warhol's movies, that seemed a bit unfair to me (as I think even all the paid bodies felt themselves to be artists.) I love the sense of the aisles like streets. K.

(THis is MANICDDAILY-- some reason I can't comment here without using an old Google blog I never really used.)

Tess Kincaid said...

I love "canned whore"...nice write!

Linda said...

Oh, so Warhol!! I hadn't thought of Kerouac for years. The life and times of Andy are summed up here. Thank you for sharing Wayne. 'Hip' and 'neat'.

Tumblewords: said...


Helena said...

Hey! Hey! This is WONDERFUL! What a fitting tribute and uniquely worded piece! My favourite so far.