Wednesday, January 18, 2012


she danced with fire and terror
beside the October Revolution
and Bolshevik poet who committed suicide

a free thinking woman
a pioneer of modern dance
changing people's ideas of ballet
with attitudes on free love and lifestyle

like a Hellenic nymph
creating with her SILVER soul
and voluptuous values of working class
celebrating beauty and female body

bare foot and loose hair
always attacking the system
with her unconventional movements
living with her own rules

she died of a FREAK accident
strangled when her flowing scarf tangled
in the real wheel of her automobile
Isadora going DOWNHILL


Brian Miller said...

what a grisly death...i do like the revolutionary spirit though...and my wife was a ballet dancer for years...

Raven's Wing Poetry said...

Going downhill, and perhaps then uphill into the blue yonder. "I am off to love", she said before she died. Perhaps in Heaven there is a stage where she is dancing.

Great work, Wayne.


oldegg said...

In our staidness we tend to admire eccentrics as they travel roads we dare not. I had almost forgotten about Isadora. Thanks for the dig in the ribs.

rallentanda said...

I enjoyed this. She was indeed a very eccentric character.Glad the paintings are selling.

flaubert said...

How I love a revolutionist, Wayne. Excellent combo of both prompts.


Wayne Pitchko said...

thanks for reading...and commenting everyone

Alice Audrey said...

I remember hearing about this. What a weird way to die, but it fits with her fascinating life.

Wander said...

I like the free flowing nature of this poem...then drop!

annell said...

Poor Isadora!

vivinfrance said...

Bravo, Wayne. She was a fascinating character, and you have brought her to life again, despite her dramatic end.

Isadora Gruye said...

this is a fitting tribute to such a fabulous woman. If you haven't read her autobiography My Life I would suggest it. Absolutely enthralling. I read it because she is who I was named after and truly wanted to understand the Isadora who came before me.

Thanks for reading my work and for posting this! Viva la

Sheilagh Lee said...

what a terrible way to die.

little wing writer said...

hi wayne, it's been awhile since passing thru.... love, love a woman who fears not.... sad but no less lived a full life... yes, i can hope... love the foto of you and yr cadence...

Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil said...

@Raven: Didn't know those were her last words. How prophetic, in a way, although I'm certain that was not the love of which she spoke.

Wayne, this was a lovely use of the prompt and a beautiful representation of one of our angels, Isadora Duncan. Peace, Amy