Wednesday, January 4, 2012


she stands knee deep in snow
unable to take another step
or follow the path of life
frozen in time
my rusty lady with frozen feet

how long has she stood here?
with her rusted Sufi thoughts
riveted with naughty memories
only her welded mouth could tell

with her glacier conscience
without any zenith of desire
unable to bleed in the crippling snow
she listens to the frozen field

her tactic and strategy is to wait
for her Sufi friend to melt the snow
with the summer of his mind
and thaw the veins of winter
so she can walk to the pond


Sheilagh Lee said...

interesting take on the prompts.

Alice Audrey said...

Does she spin around and around in the wind while waiting to thaw?

This is great.

flaubert said...

I know that metal sculpture, Wayne. Hope you are braving the freezing cold well. Nice write.

Happy 2012!


Angel said...

Lovely imagery.

Enigmatic Soul said...

Interesting poem. Wonderful imagery and insight. Keep it up.

Lightverse said...

What a great study! I love the melding of the sculpture to poetry...the images and the rhythm totally resonated!

Anonymous said...

Fascinating sculpture. Perfect poem to accompany it.

Laurie Kolp said...

So very clever, Wayne! I love the rhythm and tone.

Karen said...

I'm glad I came here this snowy morning.