Friday, October 23, 2009


RWP#97...using the cut up technique
I cut up a page of Sailor Song by Ken Kesey
page 371 and randomely using words for this poem . I added the word
SKIN.....after slicing my finger with the scissors.

This is a draft


Ike had suspicions
about everybody in Kuniak
especially that goddamed newshound
who stood still
publishing dirt
green stuff
the dead friend in the limousine
the old squid
Isaak's soul
the old dog in the limousine
skin in the poem
the carcass in the limousine
the dead brain with no glasses
the dirty dish with paranoia
seepy skin in the limousine
the poor that conquer skin
his maniac brother without skin
driving the limousine in Kuniak.


anthonynorth said...

A difficult prompt this week but very well put together. Excellent.

Cynthia Short said...

I like what you did with the prompt was fun, interesting and actually readable! Kind of a beatnik feeling...

Anonymous said...


I really like the repetition and circling back in this (the words 'about', and limousine, and eventually Kuniak). The poem sets up a kind of slowly revealed (though never quite revealed)news-story with all the sordid or colorful details and the repetition gives it a sense of urgency and of being "in the moment," the way news, or a situation in which one is personally involved tends to unfold.

rallentanda said...

I like the skin in the poem.

Nathan said...

Sorry about your finger -- great poem, though.

Anonymous said...

great job for a difficult prompt

Jessica GC said...

Aww...enduring physical pain for your art; it turned out incredible though!

Irene said...

Wayne, the repetitions and the recycling of meanings worked well.

Paul Oakley said...

The repetitions are definitely key here. And cool the way your literalized the cut-up method to include your brush with the scissors!

Anonymous said...

I really love the idea of this poem -- in a small town, everyone is under suspicion, even the dead, even the reporters who investigate all the suspicions. Who is thick-skinned, who thin-skinned? I love the irony of the "news-HOUND" investigating the dead old dog. (I don't know the originating sailor song, so I'm replying with that ignorance.). I enjoyed this.
--Therese L. Broderick