Thursday, October 15, 2009


using all the prompt words
in bold


Rolling up into the land of purity
searching for that awakened state of bliss
and some cosmoramic exhibition
of shocking enlightenment
listening to Mother Tuckers Yellow Duck
giving us insight into irresistible false kisses
from their invisible memory candles
before it exploded inside the jars of our head
then surrender to the long tailed thrasher Bill
and his non vowelized poetry
who would always croak in a language
of a capricious professor
from the progeny of some learning school
then surrendering in vehement denial
to Mock Duck and circumcisions
while bleeding insolent behaviour
towards the prison farms
and asylums using a therapy of chelations
to detox the chemicals from brains
not allowing a socially responsible investment
in free speech
we were the Kitsilano reprobates
exulting peace love and pot.


Deb said...

This is fabulous, Wayne. You created a scene that made sense of the words. Creative & fun!

Paul Oakley said...

How Beat, Wayne! Start to finish, every word, every line is a mood pusher. Great pounding rhythm. Wonderful!

anthonynorth said...

This was like a flashback. Great words and rhythm. Excellent.

Irene said...

It was a vivid trip into history and memory Wayne.

rallentanda said...

Mother Tuckers Yellow Duck ,mock duck...I think you must have been one of the first hippies and in spite of the shocking enlightenment still here!Good for you.Loved this poem.You really are one cool dude!

Cynthia Short said...

What can I say but "Cool, Dude"!
I really liked what you did here...(exploded inside the jars of our heads) is an awesome description,

Clay Lowe said...

very masterly woven...

Anonymous said...

I can almost hear Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane...You do a great job planting some tough prompt words in the poem's smooth, beat cadence. Great stuff going on here: "memory candles", "exploded in the jars of our heads", "we were the Kitsilano reprobates exulting peace love and pot."

Lawrence Gladeview said...

well can't say that i disagree with that last line wayne! while not a flashback for me (too young) however this poem did a damn good job in making me wish it was! your words are always whimsical wayne, providing an excellent read. -lawrence

Elizabeth said...

Wow. I never thought to use the words to evoke the sixties. But they're perfect. Wonderful imagery.

Priyanka Bhowmick said...

dis is a lovely composition..good work!