Friday, August 16, 2013


                                                                   original painting by Wayne
beside the timeless moment of silence
I saw eternity.  I saw the abode of angels.
nothing was happening.  the events of
a billion years ago were just as ghostly and
ungraspable as this moment or a billion
years from now, or the moments of the next four
minutes.  perfectly imperfect emptiness
of silver solitude....there were no questions
of not being alive or being alive, of dislikes or
likes, of taste or no taste, of not hearing or hearing,
of not far or far, of not seeing or seeing, of giving
or not giving without judgements.

beside the timeless moment of silence
I saw clarity with confusion.  the house of roses
standing in the wind.  the events of
tomorrow will change just as phantom and
ungraspable as this moment or a billion
years from now, or the moments of the past four
minutes.  refreshingly cool, empty from the silver
filled with solitude....there were no questions
of here or there, of up and
down, of believing or not believing,
with the sun on my eyelids telling me
where I came from and where I was returning.



aspiritofsimplicity said...

very well done

rallentanda said...

Sounds like a road to Damascus moment...a moment of revelation where all the earthly events amount to nothing...none of it is important in the scheme..very interesting poem Wayne. Glad you have returned from being kidnapped by the big Grizzlies in the snow:)

Brian Miller said...

i'm with ral a bit...there is a mysticism of this moment...a step outside of the norm where you can see these things....good to see you its been a while...

Loredana Donovan said...

Mystical poem. The epiphany of a moment. Beautiful painting, perfect for representing silence. Thanks for sharing and visiting my blog. :)

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

You inspire. I've not sat down to do poetry lately.
Cheers from Cottage Country!

Helen said...

This is infinity and beyond .. splendid poetry!!

Mary said...

Wayne, this is truly excellent. You have captured the ultimate silence in this poem...a meditative kind of silence, perhaps the silence we all yearn for...the silence of KNOWING, really knowing.

Laurie Kolp said...

So beautiful... I can almost feel the sun on my eyelids.

Gail said...

No questions...I think I would like that.

Well done. Words to make me think.

Anonymous said...

a beautiful poem, an intriguing write.. i love this world, this infinity you've dropped me in and i love how silence, real silence, empties the world of duality-based questions - yes, definitely a place (moment?) i want to experience

wonderful use of language too, eg, in
"perfectly imperfect emptiness
of silver solitude"

SaraV said...

Your words held me in in that moment--very nicely done and I love how you ended with the sun on your eyelids.. brightness and warmth of the moment :-)

kelvin s.m. said...

nicely done.

LadyCat said...

I really like "beside the timeless moment of silence
I saw clarity with confusion". It is a contradiction of feelings and draws me in.

alan1704 said...

of believing or not believing, - Great line and captures it all, that moment when we have to accept or reject. Very good.

Margaret said...

The whole otherworldliness of this reflective poem is well done!