Thursday, December 22, 2011


sitting on the bench
with my back to the Rockies
high above the Columbia
I close my eyes with BELIEF
to see the FESTIVAL of Yalda

celebrating the winter solstice
the victory of light over darkness
rebirth of the sun
arrival of winter
becoming free

cultivating nothing
beyond the RUMPLE of trees
eating dried figs and apricots
sipping tea
becoming drunk

celebrating the longest night of year
decorating trees with saffron
when another breath is a victory
and friends sit in silence
reading poetry

this poem for 3Word Wednsday
with our friend Carl..aka Carl Coyote.aka Abdullah Baba Sufi
in mind


oldegg said...

What a relaxing poem of contentment this is and like you I savour each of those victorious breaths.

robkistner said...

That is rich and beautiful and intoxicating -- and EXACTLY what I needed to read right precisely now... thank you Wayne
...! ;)

anthonynorth said...

It's good to remember that Christmas owes much to other festivals of the past, too.

Brian Miller said...

oh i think you cultivated plenty here...smiles...havea great christmas wayne

Alice Audrey said...

Great poem

Zeba said...

This space is beautiful. The words, the art work and the picture of your with your grand daughter.

Sheilagh Lee said...

I could see this all in your memories eye.thank you

Sheelonee Mukherjee said...

these are beautiful, true lines -
"Victory of light over darkness
rebirth of the sun
arrival of winter
becoming free"

Greetings to you.Happy Writing. :)