Wednesday, December 28, 2011


the musty air is heavy
smelling of piss from an old cat
warped 45s playing music convolutions
on a DEMOLISHED turn table
a folk blues revival
Dan Hicks And His Hot Licks
Monkey And The Engineer
with Jesse Fuller and the Dead
train wheels screeming without brakes
Janis and Jefferson Airplane flying high

my room a multicoloured cherub of colors
to TRANSFORM the cracks in the wall
with the patterns of Brahms
I fill myself with empty space
separated from the musty air
my eyes are closed in RESOLUTION
seeing beyond the gloom towards beauty
the musty room not important anymore
I hear the music of myself
and paint another poem

variation of a poem of mine.."The Attic"


oldegg said...

When inspired everything around you certainly becomes invisible. Great content in this piece.

anthonynorth said...

Great words. I always write in my special place. From there, the universe of imagination awaits.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done, Wayne. I got a hint of the 70s drug culture in there...was waiting for a psychedelic explosion... :) Music brings a lot to the table, eh?!

The Happy Amateur said...

I can see, hear, and...smell (that cat!)the room you're describing, and feel the escape from reality that follows. I like the poem a lot. Thank you.

bunnygirl said...

The world is as ugly or as beautiful as we want it to be. Music, poetry and art (and not walls) are make life worth living.

flaubert said...

Nice atmosphere created here, Wayne. Well, except for the cat piss, lol. Have a great new year, many blessings to you and yours.


Anonymous said...

Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks, Janis and Jefferson.....I'm on my way up with a good bottle of Taliskers Scotch. I certainly enjoyed the visit to your visual and olfactory stimulating attic. We'll have to tip a few more and spin some vinyl again. Cheers to you for the New Year.

Anonymous said...

Love how you end it Wayne. Great picture of the musty room that looks to be an art studio. Peace and joy in the new year.

rallentanda said...

Lovely picture of a man content with his lot..."How can I miss you if you wont go away" Dan Hicks and his hot Licks...very cool!

Anonymous said...

i'm trying to picture cracks in the wall the pattern of Brahms, but that does not make sense to me. all i can think of is the arpeggios in "Wie Melodien zieht es mir" I mean, I picture the notes, which is weird.

A Natural History of My Princess Bedroom

Anonymous said...

Wayne, no wonder your granddaughter is named Cadence. The music is all over, and as an old fan of Dan Hicks, must tell you that, while packing boxes for a relocation to new apt., I was singing "Movin' Day" in full voice!

The colors, paint, words, and music all blend together in an elegant answer to the prompt. Good for you! Amy