Thursday, May 19, 2011

La Esquina Calienete.........(The Hot Corner)

that is me in orange T

it is a hot simmering place
where smouldering men gather
in sultry Parque Central
across the street from the grand dome of the Capitolio
in torrid Old Havana
assembling daily from early morning
late into the night
in-your-face, high decibel shouting
choosing sides
where the only rule is no fighting
men coming and going
moving from one discussion to another
sometimes sounding like a riot
wild hot gestures with inflamed voices
delivered with philosophical flair
baseball fans with serious debating skills
a public place reserved for serious baseball fans
why doesn't Jose Toca play more?
Ismael should be on the National team
Orlando Hernandez shouldn't have been traded
the Yankees are not the best
they should come to Havana and play the Industrales
who is the real lost son of Havana?
Minnie Minoso?
no it's Luis Tiant
they argue while I listen
without fighting


Anonymous said...

Lovely atmosphere of the noise and excitement.

Anonymous said...

You made me see the jostling, hear the volume, and even anticipate a few gestures. Good one, Wayne,


Anonymous said...

Really creates a great scene.

flaubert said...

Wayne, I hope to travel to Cuba sometime this summer, and you have painted a wonderful picture with your words.


Anonymous said...

It's torrid where I am as well. What Yousei said, a great scene.